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engine being repairedHydraulic maintenance and repair services require a specialized set of skills that you can’t find from just any mechanic. Our qualified and experienced team at Cali Motorsports & Metal Fabrication, Inc. are experts for the job. Any problems involving hydraulic systems can be diagnosed and repaired by our team.

Whether it’s a car, a truck, or simply a hydraulic hose replacement, we are capable of getting that vehicle up and running. We provide services to most makes and models.

Our service includes:

  • Disassembly/Assembly
  • Cleaning and Inspection
  • On-Board Electronics Testing
  • Piston and Shaft Scoring Elimination
  • Cylinders and Shaft Performance Review
  • Fittings Check
  • Contact Points Inspection and Resurfacing
  • Bearing and Mechanical Seals Inspection and Replacement
  • Fluid Level and Pressure Tolerance Inspection
  • and more.

When Hydraulic System failure occurs, you can’t afford the downtime. Have your vehicles checked today. Call 424-287-2227 for inquiries.